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Buyers Tools

Post Buying Requirement

This section displays all requirements posted by the buyers. Tell suppliers worldwide about your sourcing needs and let them come to you.

Trade Manager

This section helps connecting buyers with suppliers. Use your Trade Manager to contact buyers. Also buyers can post a Buy requirement and contact targeted suppliers. Buyers & suppliers can chat among them and discuss their requirements.

Trade Alert

Trade Alert is NSIC service informing you about new addition of relevant Buyers, Sellers, Online Catalogs and Trade Leads as per your chosen product keywords. Trade Alerts help you in getting to know as well as convert new business opportunities into concrete ones. You can receive these trade alerts in the categories of your interest.

Other Services 

  • Bank Credit Facilitaton Scheme
  • Export and Credit Insurance 
  • Raw Material Assistanace
  • Exports
  • Bill Discounting Schme 
  • Domestic Exhibition 
  • Marketing Intelligence Cell